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Making Undyne's belief reality!

Welcome to Undertale2Anime!

Cover Beta

Cover Beta by :iconmaryryn-nya:!

About Us

Just as the name suggests, we are here to get more out of our favorite indie game! Everything we do here is pure volunteer work and at everyone's own pace. Zero pressure, zero problems!

As this group is specialized towards developing an animation/anime, our gallery is meant to hold submissions for the anime. That doesn't mean we don't accept works from the game or AUs! We have folders for that. :)

While we are constantly looking for talent, this group is open to anyone! You can still be a part of the group and contribute by watching or joining us! All members contribute, even if it's in the tiniest ways. :dummy:

U2A icon by :iconmouselurker:

Important reads!
The ProjectWhenever you see the word "Project" in this group, it is the very thing staff and supporters are working towards. The "Project" is not simply converting Undertale into an anime, but creating an anime based off the game itself.
With that said:
> What is considered Canon here is not necessarily Canon to the actual game.
> Frisk will not be androgynous in terms of gender and personality because then it would be hard for the character to relate with the audience. In this case, Frisk and Chara are both a he. (because there are too many female Frisks around, making the concept less unique)
> The path the story takes will include many important elements from the game, but ultimately not follow the same path or display the same mechanics.
> A straight shot from Ruins to New Home would shorten the animation and not provide anything new for the audience to take in. It will leave the audience mostly unfulfilled because most of them would have already "seen it before". Instead, the wor
Folder Descriptions and Guidelines>> Featured <<
Art and literature will be MOVED to this folder at the staffs discretion.
Submissions to this folder are blocked.
>> Team Only Tagged Folders <<
Folders tagged with Team Only are meant for artwork and literature that has been assigned by U2A or artwork and literature done by team members working on the animation.
>> Inspiration for the Team <<
This folder is for work that has been used by the team as a source of inspiration for their work. Anyone can submit to this, but acceptance is less guaranteed than the other folders. Anything Undertale related that is SFW is allowed.
>> Single character folders <<
Self-explanatory, single character folders are meant for single characters. Both Canon and AU versions can be submitted to these folders and each main character has their own folder, so please submit to the right one.  These folders may be expanded depending on how often a certain character is submitted.

Member DescriptionsLeads
Leads are Artists and Writers who review and finalize work done by other writers, artists and members so that content can be put towards the Project. They can assign tasks to members and promote members to contributors. Leads collaborate with everyone to make sure the product is completed properly. To be a Lead, you must be ready to give up most of your time to the Project! Send a note if you are interested. Upon becoming a Lead, you will become a Co-Founder.
Assistants are Artists and Writers who take on tasks given to them by Leads. Their work is put in Project folders to be used by the team to compile into the anime's Episodes and do so frequently. If you are interested in regularly contributing towards the Project, send a note. Assistants are Contributors.
Members are just that, members. They help drive the Project forward by reviewing, submitting fanart, doing polls, being the source of inspiration
Group Guidelines1.) Don't be a dick.
2.) Do not start drama.
3.) Follow all guidelines posted in group Journals.
4.) Do NOT post anything 18+. You will regret it.
If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments. nwn



Open Assignments

To receive an assignment, simply choose what you would like to work on and then send a note to either :ZaccharytehWyvern: or the group detailing what you would like to do. You will be given a reply as well as assignment details.

>>> Comic Assistance


>> Gerson (Adamantoise/Museum Curator)

>> Gerson The Hammer of Justice (Monster Kingdom Hero)

>> Lars (Feralborn Wolf Spider/Restaurant Regional Manager)

>> Charlie Newman (Human Teen/Resident Tyrant)

>> Jonathan (Human Adult/Orphanage Keeper)

>> Craig Reynolds (Human Adult/Orphanage Manager)

>> Donny (Human Teen/Frisk's Friend)

>> Nathan McCarthy (Human Adult/Frisk's Father/Carpenter)

>> Eric (Unicorn/Sandwich Maker)

>> Lester (Winged Gargoyle/Medic)

>> Sebastian (Basilisk/Researcher)

>> Drekkhiamael "Derrick Ghemal" (Hellfire Dragon/Blacksmith/Alchemist)

>> Arc (Young Beagle Dog/Wannabe Ninja)

>> Lynn (Young Tigress/Wannabe Ninja)

>> Quintin (Young Fishman/Wannabe Ninja)

>> Mr. Gants (Earth Elemental/Botanist)

>> Victor (Gnoll/Royal Guard Lieutenant)

>> Ross (Minotaur/ RG Sergeant)

>> Kilik (Giant Rat/Homemaker/Lazyass)

>> Quesha (Young Giant Rat/Kilik's Daughter)

>> Rosemary (Giant Rat/ Kilik's Wife/Nurse)

>> Lionel (Human Teen/Soul of Justice)

>> Young Sophie (Human Child/Frisk's mother as a child/Chara's "friend")

>> Geralto (Goblin/Radiologist)

>> Don Landisberg (Manticore/RG Sergeant)

>> Ingles (Werewolf/RG Lieutenant/Dark Knight)


>>> Ruins Concept Art

> Marketplace - The largest cavern in Ruins. Also the only place there are shops in Ruins. Contains a large bazaar with everything from groceries and furniture, to inns and jewelry makers. There is a large solid gate that leads to Plains. The ceiling is covered in sky blue crystals that glow and mimic a sky, complete with sunlight. Before Frisk's fight with Toriel, the entrances were magically hidden from Frisk so he could not discover the gate and leave. The Spider Bakery was available though, because it's located in a corner of the Marketplace. Toriel did that so he would have something to eat just in case he got lost.

> Training Grounds - Is a large room Toriel eventually modifies to train Frisk. It is a massive hall with walls lined with elevated planters that contains bushes and small trees. Toriel's house is on the other end of the hall. Immediately in Front of Toriel's house is an arena with no fences, a set of benches surrounding it, a large waterfall fountain for drinking and washing located on the left wall near the arena and a set of self repairing dummies nearby. On the other side is a standard sized racetrack with a grass field in the middle. To the right of Toriel's house, is a hallway leading directly towards the Marketplace.

> Toriel's House - Walking into the front door, to the left is the living room and dining room. Past that is the kitchen. To the right is the hallway with Frisk's room, Toriel's room and a spare room which later becomes a classroom. At the end, is the bathroom. The foyer has a staircase that leads to the cellar. The cellar has a long narrow hallway that leads to a room with pillars near the walls and a metal door. The metal door has a large sliding latch and a lock to keep it from moving.

>>> Snowdin Zone

> Mountainous Path
A long stretch of dirt road starting from the back door to Toriel's house spanning around 25 miles long. A part of the road collapsed into Plains and a shaky wooden bridge was made over it. The bridge has not been updated to stone or metal because that path is almost never tread on. Path splits to the high road and low road. The high road goes further up the mountain and to the top where a forest clearing and then Cliffside is. The low road bypasses Cliffside and goes through some woods with a frozen pond and some bridges.

> Cliffside
A small town atop the mountainous region that separates the Forest and Plains Zones. The town starts with a row of shops that stand on both sides of the brick-paved road and goes back a ways before turning into other streets that circle back into one another. The shops include a Sandwich Parlor which is bought up by the Dusty franchise, a welcome center, a blacksmith run by a dragon named Drekheimael (Derrick Ghemal), groceries, etc. In the back end of Cliffside is the three story Bernham Estate owned by Pensha's grandparents. To the left of the front entrance of Cliffside is a station that lifts workers down into the mines. The mines twist into the mountain and end at the bottom of the cliffs when the Forest Zone starts. It is constantly snowing and there are some checkpoints along the road just in case a human happens upon the Underground.

> Snowdin
A city which branches off from the main road into a town circle surrounded by flats and restaurants. One of the flats in the circle is owned by Kilik's family. Four roads branch off on the other side of the circle and twist their way through the city. On the other side of town is a noticeable multistory building which is the Snowdin Hospital. In the circle is a large fountain and 6 statues of various VIPs. Along the main road is a few Inns and libraries, shops and a two story home owned by some skeletons. Snowdin's population is almost exclusively furred monsters.

>>> Plains Zone

> Flower Fields
The southern half of Plains is covered in flowers and orchards which many earth and water elementals maintain underneath the soil. The Royal Guard stationed at Walking patrol Plains to make sure nobody is destroying yields. The place spans over 400 square miles with some scattered rolling hills and trees. The road south of walking heads towards Snowdin. The ceiling hangs over 800 yards above the ground and is covered in blue crystals that mimic a sky and sun. Earth, air and water elementals help with Plains' weather development so the flora may grow naturally.

> Walking
The small village located near the center of Plains are resident to an Earth Elemental florist named Mr. Gants, a small family of Innkeepers and the residents of the Royal Guard stationed there. The bottom floor of the massive in there is a simple restaurant with an ever changing menu. The road headed north of Walking goes through some more plains and to Cottageville, the main city of Plains. The main inhabitants of Plains are earth, water and air elementals. All of them are not normally seen out in the open, however.

> Cottageville
A city of rustic design that has their own version of Oktoberfest yearly. The city's main road spirals towards the center where a large statue of the late King Baelgore is. The residents exclusively live in multistory flats and shops are always found on the bottom floors of the flats. The city is the largest maker of alcoholic beverages in the Underground.

>>> Ebott Ridge

> Frisk's Hometown
A loosely populated American town located a few miles from Mount Ebott. Most of the communities are a collection of cul de sacs separated by thin forests. Aside from the homes, there is a local orphanage and a shopping district separate from the residential. There is a large field filled with golden flowers which have been blocked off by the public to keep the weed-like flower from spreading.

>>> Forest Zone

> Valley
A large town located in a valley covered in trees and streams. The numerous amounts of ents and elementals tend the trees and streams to keep the trees healthy and growing. There is a mill and a large woodworks complex that processes and distributes wood products all throughout the Underground. Valley and Catwalk are the only places you will find an Ent for the soil in both areas are rich enough for them to thrive in. There are three roads out of Valley: to the north is a road that leads to Plains, northeast leads to Cliffside Mines and west leads to Snowdin. There is also a false lake surrounding the southeastern part of Forest for those visiting. The Sky Crystals that line the back wall mimic the horizon of a sea, but a powerful enchantment stops anyone in their tracks lest they run into the sharp crystals themselves.

> Lakeside
A small fishing town by a lake filled with magic-resistant and highly fertile fish. Aquatic residents round up these fish bi-monthly to ship of to the many restaurants and shops that buy them. The residents in Lakeside are mainly Fishmen and various freshwater aquatic ferals. While the town is mainly a fisherman's haven, there are some souvenir shops and an inn.

>>> Mudlake

> Catwalk
A large town woven through the trees and elevated a few feet above the murky swamp waters. The town uses the swamp surrounding swamp to grow herbs and veggies that require a more nutrient-rich soil, and like the farms in Plains, are managed by elementals and Ents. Dirt walkways also twist through the forest going towards Caves, Greyland, Plains and Wall. Most of the inhabitants are amphibious or reptilian.

> Swamp
On the southwestern part of Mudlake is Swamp, a lakeside town that extends into the shallow lake where farmers tend to various livestock like snails, crayfish and other magic-resistant creatures that can live in low-oxygen waters. Due to the uncountable amount bugs that live and work there and in Catwalk, there are also entomological coroners that gather recently deceased bugs and package them to ship throughout the Underground. The Underground's entire population of dragonflies live here because it is the only place where mosquitoes, their food source, thrive. Each resident and visitor to either towns are assigned a dragonfly who will protect them from mosquitoes.

>>> Ceiling

> Ceiling
A metropolis located on the Underground's ceiling located near Wall and Grayland. Enchanted sky crystals surround the edge of the metropolis and make the city look like an upside-down floating city from the ground. They are also further enchanted to keep any flying monsters from flying up into the sharp crystals. The hanging buildings have been designed with materials able to stand the weight of several fully grown dragons and in fact house a good portion of the Underground's dragons. Residents are almost exclusively avian, draconic or a bat. Travel to Ceiling on foot involves a climb up Wall and a hanging tram ride from the top of wall to the Ceiling Visitor Station. In the instance someone falls, a Ceiling company Royal Guardsman will swoop down and catch you before placing you on ground.

> Bernham Salt Processing Plant
A salt mine and processing plant owned by the Bernham family. The plant harvests stalactites and then breaks them down into components that are then used throughout the Underground. Compounds that come from the plant include table salt since the stalactites are formed by sea water that finds its way down to the Underground.

Ongoing Assignments
As a reminder.

:iconlogicalloony: is working on more Gideon Concept Art.
:iconaxth::iconwolf-nakomis::iconartpixie7::iconsophie3512::iconlexolad99::iconnyandere-chan: is working Ruins Concept Art.
:iconjotehdemonicpickle: is working on Season 1 Opening.
:iconishvaal: is working on Six Souls.
:iconuniversallunatic: is working on Chara Concept Art.
:iconechoheartx: is working on more Fen Character Art.
:iconlibertea-cups::iconlexolad99::iconkamels124::iconlamianlife: is working on Storyboard/Comics.
:iconannemariebroeder: is working on Flowey Concept Art.
:iconarchtemplar: is working on more Sans Concept Art.
:iconksmanga01: is working on more Emerald Concept Art.
:iconwolf-nakomis::iconlittle-tuss: is working on Armor Concept Art.
:iconharanuva: is working on more Lieutenant Papyrus Concept Art.
:iconastreapink: is working on Asgore Concept Art.
:iconshallowdeepcreation: is working on Pensha Concept Art.
:iconmearisuu: is working on Doggo Concept Art.
:icondruglicense: is working on Beck Concept Art.
:iconbrasswarrior: is working on Monster Citizen Art Part 1.
:icondaehim: is working on Jasmine Concept Art.
:iconlexolad99::iconilanitaliaxd: is working on Mount Ebott Concept Art.


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To keep a sense of androgyny in Frisk's character, would it be a good idea to have him jokingly do girly stuff throughout the series? 

16 deviants said Yes. Everything from dressing up to hitting on others. Jokingly, of course. :D
14 deviants said Yes. But let's not get too crazy.
2 deviants said Nope. That would be weird.

Undertale Forums You Should Look At

If any of you are not aware of this, there is an an official forum on and an unofficial forum I frequently use for the Undertale fanbase that I have joined early in its development.  I recommend them to you as another outlet for creativity. You will find me on the unofficial one, however, simply because it is easier to find and navigate imho. Please support them and follow the rules! :D



LF Event and Regular Staff

We have not really done anything special since our creation and it would be nice to change things up once in a while. Nobody on the team really has time to do it since it is better that we focus on our tasks involving the animation, lest the project gets dropped. We are also looking for more contributors to help with any submissions. The more help the better! nwn

Please Note U2A if you are interested! We thank you for your interest!

Our Discord

Our discord is open to anyone. Simply click the link, download if you have not done so already, and join. Its free and much better than Skype!
More Journal Entries



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wingedwolf94 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry I would help but I'm really in need of money atm for uni so I can't really work for free. Especially something as time consuming as animation haha.
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Totally understandable. Good luck on your endeavors! nwn
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ZaccharytehWyvern Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I will usually post assignments on the Status Updates I post every Thursday/Friday. If you see an open assignment you might be interested in doing, just comment on the status update saying you would like to work on the assignment and I will note you with the information you'll need to gets started. :)
IlanitaliaXD Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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IlanitaliaXD Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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DestinyGirl16 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the invite. I'm not sure how much or when I can contribute, but I love the idea you guys have :)
I know the basics of animating and production of these things are a massive joined effort, so I hope more people with the skills necessary will get involved. I'm a concept artist, so I mostly draw characters, but I'm also interested in drawing backgrounds, I might as well draw backgrounds for this group. 
ZaccharytehWyvern Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist Writer

Whenever you get the time. Be sure to comment on the current Status Update when you do, though. nwn

Also I still have 2-3 more positions open for the animation team if you are also interested in that.
DestinyGirl16 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I will when I have the time yes ^^

And thanks, but I'm not an animator ^^; I studied at a Game school, so I know the basics of animation because of the classes I took, but I'm not the best at it nor is it my thing :) I just meant I understand the process and how to make art that can be further used by animators and the like :)
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